July 13, 2007

Am I a writer or a reader?

The simple answer is that you are both. Just because you don't read a novel and a newspaper every day of your life, or write novel that could be used as a doorstop once a year doesnt mean you arent cut out for writing. Everybody has a masterpiece waiting to hit paper for the world to see. If you have a basic grasp of English (or your native language) and can write out a four line shopping list in illegible chicken scratch, then you are more than qualified to write. It may not be a publishing giant hitting New York Times bestseller list. It may be something you keep to yourself at the back of a filing cabinet that makes you proud that you took the time to jot it down. It may be something simple you write as a note to someone that you love ( or hate as the case may be. I find my dark side presents great opportunity for building characters and storylines). It could be one line that changes the world's view on something (Think of some of the great quotes you have heard that make you stop and think)

You may fancy yourself a freelance journalist. Why not? Have a go at it. you may have the chance of publication that you can add to your brag list. You may even get paid for it. Told a silly story to your kids or someone elses and had them giggle? Chances are you could make thousands of kids do the same and get paid for it if you wrote it down.

There are endless opportunities for writing with impact, for fun, for free or for profit. All you have to do is start jotting things down or one finger pecking on that keybord that doesnt get used because the mouse is good for cruising the web.

Why am I writing this blog? On top of other things that I have to write, I do this to relax. I do it to clarify what it is that is important for me to keep up to speed with for me to feel free of writers block. I also do this because the best way to strengthen anything I have learned is pass it on by teaching. There is no great secret to great writing. Like anything it is practice. I hope to set you up with some resources that will make it enjoyable and productive rather than a chore that you eventually give up on.

I'll write you up some starters in the next few articles. Get a pen ready and start without me if you need to.

Back soon

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